Blatchfield, Blackheath by Charles Harrison Townsend (personal collection)

Charles Harrison Townsend (1851-1928)

St Martins Church, Blackheath


St Martins Church

Published in Moderne Bauformen, Monatshefte Für Architektur" Jahrgang V, Heft 11. (Modern Designs, for Architecture Monthly Volume 5, Book 11.)

This was a monthly magazine published by Julius Hoffmann, in Stuttgart, Germany, and edited by M. J. Gradl. Hoffmann. It dates to around 1906 and depicts a truer representation of the church.

St Martins Church

A plan of the church dating from around 1906 

St Martins Church


St Martins Church

A sketch by Charles Harrison Townsend

Cast iron fireback from the vestry of st Matins church, now at Guildford Museum. 

This cast iron fireback is in Guildford Museum, it came from the vestry inglenook fireplace when the cottage was converted for use in conjunction with the new St Martins church.

William Chandler Roberts-Austen bought the cottage and site for the building of a new church at Blackheath. He was one of the founding members of the Guildford Society - still going strong today and trying to save old buildings.

The Wealden Iron Research Group point out that, unusually, the fireback has the ropework border all round, whereas it is usually on the top and sides only. These items are very difficult to date, the likelihood is that it is sixteenth century © 2009-2020 owned and created by Sarah Sullivan for the Arts & Crafts Movement in Surrey